Our Experts

After watching a local news program of a home-based dog treat bakeries recipe, I realized I had all the ingredients necessary. I had begun to see more and more recalls on dog treats and was concerned for my own dogs, so I baked my first batch and they were a huge hit. Over the years, the recipe became my own and I stopped buying big box brand treats all together. I baked enough to share with family and friends over the years and the dream of Bare Bones BARKtique began after several people asked me why I wasn’t selling them. Soon, the process to make it an official business became a reality and the dream continues one Bare Bone at a time.


Creative Director

I met Churro when I least expected to fall in love with a 5lb Chihuahua. They just weren’t “my kind of dog.” But he made sure that the two of us had an instant connection and then he met Daddy. It was love at first sight. He’s Daddy’s best buddy & the boss of everything (or so he thinks… Rrufff!) He is a senior in years, but a feisty puppy at heart and our lives are better because of him… and he loves our Bare Bones.


BARKTEctor of Bones

Sopi came to us from a family member and Daddy wasn’t quite sold when I bribed him and brought her home, but he fell in love immediately with her sass and she brought a new dynamic to Churro’s life. He went from a couch potato to a silly playful dog. She is a fierce protector, a little lover, and a complete pushover with her favorite humans.


PAWRAISING & PAWtainment Director

Foster, the Punk Mutt Bananas Foster, was supposed to be a 2-night foster puppy with my home rescue Colorado Puppy Rescue but he was THE most perfect puppy I had ever seen and then I walked in the door & Daddy said “How could nobody adopt this perfect puppy?” The rest is history. He adopted us and I was over the moon in love.  Life has never been the same. He is naughty to the bone and we love him.


Director of Paw Relations

She came into our lives full of sass and decided she is the boss so we think her title fits her well.